Our Mission

You need an Active Realtor.
When you want to entrust someone with the job of handling your home needs, be it buying or selling a house, you want someone who can do it all for you. You want someone:
Who will be concerned about you and will take care of your interests.  Who demonstrates ready knowledge of homes available for sale and does not have to call you back after they "check on the computer."  Who is sharp enough to ask you questions about your financial and family information.  Who is bold enough to talk straight with you instead of always telling you what you want to hear.  As a full-time real estate professional, I have access to updated information on every home currently for sale throughout the area.  I would be glad to offer my professional guidance to help you evaluate your options in purchasing your new home.

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Andre L. Holley

On my website I provide:

Rich informational content.  Up to date information on the latest developments in Real Estate.  Quick responses to your urgent needs, or helpful hints to make you grow.  So if you're thinking of selling, or if you know anyone else who's considering a move, please call or email me.